Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr. Chowksi boards a bus!!!

Refer "Know Mr. Chowksi" for a quick recap!!!!

Mr . Chowksi boards a bus....

......As his employer firm has just managed to cross a billion dollar benchmark, they don't provide him a chauffered driven cab or a bus so he thrives hard to manage a lift from a biker who can drop him till the BMTC(Badboo marein, tel chipke) bus-stop. Somehow he manages his way into the bus amidst all bulls and rhinos who stares at him with walnut like eyeballs, and saw-like hands. Getting a seat to sit-forget it....Those who are sitting are hired to endorse FEVICOL brand, they won't get up until you get down. Sources reveal that such people get on from stop 1 and get down at last stop when they feel their daily pass has enriched them with rich dividends.

The worst enemy of people like Mr. Chowksi is the owner of the bus-Mr. conductor who thumps heavily on ur back and forces you to take tickets even if you alrdy have one. He'll also choke you wid some slangs in regional language bt the commotion is easily noticeable through his gestures. The real nightmare starts after he has boarded the bus the more lot push in. His hair gets twisted like a brush used for cleaning toilet, his shirt wrinkled like a 95yr grandpa's face and shoes as if he's working in a concrete factory. His nose somehow gets well-placed toward the adjoining individual's underarm(while he's holding the iron rod) and coincidently its the underarm of the guy, who doesn't know smething like deoderant exists. While you try to breathe in patches while revolving your face, it gathers the finest varieties sticky coconut oil in one 180 degree motion. The last thing you wanted on such a trip is someone picking a nose and pricking out the shortest of hair and proudly publicizing it. Soon you are to ur destination and u push ur way in altogether different world of sigh, relief, air and life.hhuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh poor Mr. Chowksi, for him the day is ended before it kicks off.

So whenever Mr. Chowksi gets a window seat or a seat for instance, he jumps with joy and messages to every known person in the colony to let them know his achievement only to regret later that an old man or physically challenged individual is standing tough jus besides you without any complaints.....

So readers, dat was one of Mr. Champak's chronicles.....Wait and watch out for the next one and find out what's next on the plate to be served.

Any acquaintance with such incidences???

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Know Mr. Chowksi

C-cube....Curtain Raiser

So here's a tale of a complicated common chap who dreams of a 100-acre ranch and still lives in a rented place for future investments, who aims in possessing a Bugatti Veyron or a Maybach but prefers to travel in public transport or rather walk to gather penny for it, who wants to setup a largest private sector company in the world but works (although he hardly works) for a small-scale firm, who wishes to be in the company of Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Dr. Vijay Mallya but loves talking to his security guard, maid servent, barber or a cafe guy for instance, who desires to earn a million $ a day but will squabble with autorickshaw driver for 2bucks, who aspires to take his girlfriend to Venice but he himself is yet to visit Vasna barrage road.......Pretty wierd!!! Yeah that's the guy Mr. Champak Chowksi alias champoo from Champaner. Name as complicated as he is!!!

Now Mr. Champak works as a s/w engineer for a small firm at a happening area of a cosmopolitan city. He is basically employed for 3 things namely code-writing, code-evaluating, and code-debugging and he follows all the three things, minus code, firmly. On reaching home he's required to perform 3 "ing"s namely cooking, washing and reading but he's rather taking only quoted letters pretty seriously and he does eat-ing, shit-ing and sleep-ing. If this was more than enough of Mr. Chowksi, lets peep into his daily affairs.

wait wait wait....for my next post as i need to increase my HCP ratings. Wonder what's HCP, it's hits, comments and points.