Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Champak learns to cook...

Explore more about Mr. Champak chowksi alias Champoo from champaner and his ventures in previous blogs....
Champak learns to cook.....and everybody else shook.

...As such Mr. Chowksi is a self-proclaimed Jack of all trades. He's into finance arena, luvs variety of sports, entrepreneurial instinctz, he has developed wierd and varied hobbies, vivacious and creative being trademark adjectives that can be used for him. Infact he plans to write the shortest books ever written on a particular subject-"Things I can't do". So the latest venture into champoo's kit is Cooking.

So this son of a versatile mother, who prefers his "maa ka khana" to any of the restaurants in the world decided to justify the penetration of his genes and blood in veins as he started to kick of his cooking venture by boiling milk. On a very fine sunny sunday, he woke up early and took a stainless steel (full of stains) vessel and displayed some of his creative talented tricks while liting the burner. As confident he was of his minuscle venture, he was cocksure that he'll complete reading newspaper before milk boils up. Meanwhile, he got engaged with his roommates discussing about nagging the one who left his footprint on the polished floor, who should replace the maid servant whose no longer ready to clean the mess, solutions to serious hairfall this s/w industry has offered and the pathetic food offered in his office cafeteria.

.....20 minutes later! One of his friends
Chaman: Oh wow i can smell a wonderful paratha....
Chandu: ummmm....my stomach's feeling it.m so hungry.
Chirkut: Is it aloo aur gobi...watever it is, hw it must be if the aroma is so mouth watering and tongue licking.

....After 30minutes the view changes!!

Chaman: I gues dat SOB is overcooking the paratha...somebody stop him.
Chandu: gurrrrrrrr.my nose is sensing the burning odour.
Chirkut: Y d hell is he not taking it (future tense of aloo or gobi paratha) off the pan.
All the 3: suspicious look towards Champak....is der anything dats burning in our kitchen... !#^!$&#%&$(edited part).

Champak took off showing one of his blitzkrieg running talent full of wild gestures only to realise few minutes later that all milk can't b white....dey too get tanned. Kitchen had fumes all over the places amidst milk(which it WAS) fountains with the irresistible mind blowing(that can literally blow up the mind) aroma and a dead body of that vessel which sufferred severe strokes of racial discrimination and Maa Kasamm not a single bright spot was visible.

2days after--chandu boiles the milk for everybody, chirkut shifted his room which was earlier adjoining to kitchen and chaman supervising champak whose making unsuccessful invaluable attempts cleaning the vessel. But no storm or fire can deteriorate Herculean Mr. Chowksi. Today he is an authentically GOOD cook who sometimes adds extra asafoetida touch to daal, experiments over his friends with overcooked bhindi, tries out how raw potatoes amidst cooked cabbage tastes like and researching on whether double salt in buttermilk has something to do with blodd pressure.

That's how Champak learns to cook(sounds like Michael learns to rock). So readers when do u vish to b among the privileged invitees at Mr. Chowksi's home on a weekend dinner and cherish the delicacies prepared by the connoisseur himself.