Friday, April 18, 2008

Champoo-i dReAM series

I'm a dreamer but when I wake,
U can't break my spirit-it's my dreams u take,
And as u move on, remember me
Remember us and all we used to be.
-------Champoo's mantra

Folks, Its Curtain Raiser for Champoo-II.... The i-dReAM series wherein champoo will share his dreams and vision with you in a pretty humorous way. Dreams may not be his serious dreams, but he'll tell you the circumstances which pushed him to the journey called DREAMs and the consequences followed thereafter. To kick of with, here's a compilation of what he dreamed and dreams of!!!

Dreams-Never deprive anybody of it,
It might be all they have in their survival kit;
There's ample of hats that Champoo wear,
Here are his dreams in,” i dReAM to be there”.

Dad used to hold my hand & Mom used to embrace,
With pearls in their eyes & shine on their face;
Far from home, I yearn to see them & feel their care,
While talking on phone, i simply dReAM if i was there.

For me cricket was not merely a game,
I wished to conquer my sole aim and get fame;
That was the time; I believed that Blue t-shirt I'll wear,
While India lifted several cups, I dReAMed i was there.

Then there are people, whom I called my friends,
For all the worries in the world, meeting them every trouble ends;
Above terrace, on highways, by riverside-moments we used to share,
Now since we all are apart, I dReAM why I can’t be there.

Amidst the real heroes who fight in the battlefield,
Why can't i protect them by being their shield?
I truly salute the soldiers, for us who dare,
Like them, among them, i dReAM to be there.

On a date with my beloved I wish to dine and wine,
Amidst blue skies, green waters, white sands in a sacred grapevine;
I wish to get engrossed in her eyes & play with her mystical hair,
The moment is not out of reach, since i dReAM to be there.

Flanked by Jolie, Hayek or Kareena will be pretty good,
Meeting Jobs, Sachin or Woods should depend on my mood;
Buffet or Gates should accept me as their lone heir,
Get up! Why? Can't i dReAM to be their.

A palatial ranch and steamy cars is what i desire,
To earn in zillions and speak to billions, i'll put my belly on fire;
To accomplish such without writing a book won't be fare,
All together with everybody-i dReAM i'll be there.

Walking on Water, Chasing Fire and Flying in Air,
Doing it, one day, i dReAM for sure I’ll be there;
And on that day i will loudly scream,
That's what once i DREAMED & still more to dReAM.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one……