Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hotma(i)l(e).com-an encounter with 'P'-word.

Recap: After lots of i take a serious care dat i check out the trouser's strength before any of dancing ventures or i stick to my basics and be a life-long bathroom dancer!!! ----

Hotma(i)l(e).com-an encounter with 'P'-word.

Champak was in mid teens that time and had started to show the clues and hints of being a teenager. His dictionary showed some wordly transformations. Girl was now a chic, hearts and lungs gave way to glands and hormones, Sportstar was replaced by Cosmopolitan, Paintbrush outscored crayons, Razor grabed the position of proud possession over cricket bat and Sabeer Bhatia was more fascinating to him then knowing about Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then P.M. of India.

It was an Indian summer of '99 when his interests in computer games was at peak. Aladdin, Prince of Persia, Wolf and Lion King ruled his checklist. He used to break his own high scores everyday and later on every hour. On that very day, he almost broke the highest ever score possible in Prince of Persia and was about to clear the final stage.......and THEN....Power-cut. All enigma and anxiety flew away with the currents. The very next moment, he left in hunt for a cyber cafe (pretty cool joint at that time). It was a dark cabin at the center in the café (at eye-striking view) with a dusty system which had no games installed in it. Pretty dumb. Just when he was thinking wat to do, champak remembrd one of his Phoren retnd cousin, Chatur mentioned something about internet and communicating through it via feemales (dnt laugh, e-mail was tough to grasp). So with some help from the managing guy, he typed his first URL reading it aloud 'H','O','T','M','A','L','E'.com (jus bcoz he correlated email to female, he thought it to be m,a,l,e, bloody hot word did the trick)

.....And there came down the boggling nerves and up goes the punk-like hair. Welcome to the P-world, an exposure to the world of pornography at such a tender age. Imagine a gal sitting in the adjoining cabin, the manager behind his back and hot-males in front of him--pretty embarrassing offence. He wondered what he should do. tried searching dat silly closing ‘X’ sign on the window but ended up getting lots of X signs all over the places, tried hard pressing the RESTART button but the button stuck up and just when monitor switch was a glimpse of hope, he couldn't manage to escape unnoticeable. Red-eyed manager caught him red-handed and threatened him to take him to police (wasn’t matured enough to know the difference between threat and risk) and even worse, he stretched the situation keeping him in line of fire stating to call his parents at home (I always learned by never implemented dat doing bad is not an offence but getting caught while doing it is). This innocent child of Lord (no dats not my parent’s name) got as weak as ever with water drops forcing der way out (from every possible openings in the body). Newtons 3rd law was proving to be false with reactions exceeding the actions. But as always u knw Mr. Champak!!! Though he lagged in cyber-info, though he lagged in maturity and brave-heart, he had an amazing knack of establishing PR and that saved him. THE GREAT ESCAPE-and Champak never turned and looked back.

That was then.....And this is now!!!

If u thought that growing up is a boon, jus imagine getting involved in sch nightmarish Xperience at this age? As an MBA aspirant, once Champak was Xploring some valuable information in his college lab (amidst the faculties and other bunch of batch mates) about IIM-Ahmedabad, later only to realize that if would hav bn replaced by in nick of time. You want me to narrate the after-shock or want to stress up ur creative genes imagining the rest.

Statutory Warning: Ignorance of an URL may be injurious to reputation and respect, kindly use Google in all aspects. According to research, Pornography damages ur nerves and alters ur thinking so strictly stay away from it.

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