Wednesday, September 5, 2007

phurrrrrrrrrr.......der it goes!!! Champak Steps in to dancing shoes.

Recap: After Mr. Champak's cooking adventure resulting into disastrous misventure, finally he's able to cook world famous daal, mouth watering bhindi, yummy cheese garlic toasties, amazing enchilladas and ofcourse our national drink butter milk....Refer previous posts to be right there with Mr. Champak Chowksi.

phurrrrrrrrrr.......der it goes!!! Champak Steps in to dancing shoes.

Long time back there was a macho stud who studied in a palatial college amidst the nature. He used to go to college in a chauffered Chevrolet with his dudes. Stylish as he was in his Diesels and fcuk's, sharp he was in his maths and electronics. As mentioned in previous part that hardly there were things he can't do (coding as of course), he was novice to dancing then. He always thought to win over all damsel dudets, playing guitar and dancing are must. Guitar he already knew but he always preferred Dancing (in pairs). Till now u might have guessed it dat it can't b other den champoo(his college caption).

Now champoo was on a hunt for few of the things namely an opportunity to dance, a platform to perform and a tutor to teach him steps. He got all the three when one of his friends champi offered him a chance (going by his looks) to perform on "Jise dhundhta hoon main.." in annual culfess of the college. Quite confident with his capabilities of exercising, he soon discovered the demarcation between muscles and curves. They started practicing on a high note and with lots of aspirations and buckets of perspiration, champoo managed to get the steps right (wait wait wait...jus the steps, who'll spare a thought for expressions, sync and rythm). But highly optimistic champoo pumped in more and more efforts and on one fine day when the music struck "woh ladki hai kahan", champoo came dashing down with vigour and der came a b/g sound phurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(repeat 'r' till 10 secs) and.........

.......there it goes!!! The brand new jeans and all the confidence, sync and esteem accompanying it. But before anybody could realize it God bless the companies for not manufacturing cam cell phones at that time), he managed to escape from the backdoor convincing fellow mates that he hurt himself. All he needed to find was an isolated place, another trouser of his waist size and a perfect reason that could save him for dis wardrobe malfunctioning embarrassment.

Finally....the star was back where it belonged in his own style. He did create an atmosphere of commotion with his lame walk but made everyone feel like he's strong and sacrificial. Just when he thought he survived a bizarre embarrassment, a shrill voice broke the silence with "Champak, is that ur zip open?" and the hall broke in laughter leaving poor champoo amidst the nightmarish run that followed him....He didn’t know wat to do. Gaining all the confidence, he was jus able to say, “It’s a new trend”. But leaving the past behind, everything went perfect in the D-day performance and guess wat. Our champoo won the trophy as well……(awestruck)….hmm not for the dancing number but enacting a human robot in the same performance. Now dats what I call blessing in disguise.

That was then, and this is now!!!

Occasions may come and pass by, his dancing legacy continued and so did the phurrrrrrrrr thing (5 of his trousers has sacrificed their lives of champoo's sake). The closest he came by to this incidence was while playing cricket with all the relatives, he dived fiercely to pocket a catch n phurrrrrrrrrrrrr (with the same thrill and intensity with which hanuman in ramayana sliced his chest)......der it goes!!!

Dear Readers, that was Mr. champak and his ventures. I'm sure even you mite have gone through such experiences. Do post me ur f/b and incidences in comments section. So till Champak plans to decide something else.....take a break.