Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Die Another Day-An encounter with DEATH.

CCC-7 Die Another Day-An encounter with DEATH.

Ever felt how it feels being in water top to bottom for few minutes? What if u r in there when u r jus 3 and hardly know anything about Life & Death? Can u imagine all your senses getting suppressed and trying to catch the glimpse of world outside WATER? Do the words like re-incarnation, rebirth, miracles and GOD sound absurd to u? Then let me take you through one of the most spine-chilling, jaw-breaking and nerve-wrecking moment of Champoo's life. In every episode Champak first failed and then succeed, emerging as hero and making u laugh but this time its not champak but the TIME, the real hero, that will leave u shading emotions..
At 3, when most of the children spend their childhood playing monopoly, eating cerelac, swinging in cradle or rather learning to speak new words, Champak's interests were snakes and scorpions. In his earlier years, he stayed in a village where pythons paid frequent visits to the boulevard, cobras was a common sight, scorpions a friendly neighbor and foxes & other nocturnal creatures a pleasure. He used to throw stones at little Komodos and jump across the passing serpents while his mother advised him to be steady on getting a glimpse of such reptiles. Of course Fortune favors the brave but destiny can play its cards as well.

It just had been a month since Champoo's parents celebrated the 3rd birthday of their only child in a grand style. This family of three was pretty happy among the company of die-hard neighbors, weekly gathering at a river canal, seasonally visits at nearby farm to cherish mangoes, corn, watermelons and weekend market trips. On 2nd March, 1988, while watching the bluish orange shades of the sky and picturesque view of the rising sun, little did they knew that within few hours there might be a life-long sunset in their life. Festival of Holi was on the next day and the most nurtured Champoo with his elderly gang of miscreants set their eyes on nearby pool (underground water tank) created for the construction of a 3-storey building. They were splashing water on each other and refilling the buckets and ‘pichkaris’ again and again. In one split of second, while refilling his pichkari, Champoo lost his balance and.......... (For the records Champoo still doesn't know how to swim).
Dearmost readers and well-wishers, considering the length of the write-up and sensitivity of the post, the concluding part will be published in next instance shortly. Meanwhile, pray for our very own Champoo to beat the circumstances and make it up safely.

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