Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Defeating Death

....Defeating Death
---Champak survives for the new beginning

…….he was right in there making a whirlpool of waves.How to react when you are desperate for air while hardly few years have passed breathing!! Although he couldn't remember the exact time spend deep beneath, those few minutes in 50ft of sheer water would have been a lifetime for him. The feeling was like when excess of cerelac has been occupying your mouth and your mother forces u for one more spoon of pathetic cerelac, when u r desperate to answer Nature's call but u r stuck up on other side of the door, your hands, legs and mouth are tied up and somebody tickling u till tears in eyes. U simply doesn’t know what can be next or what shall be next? Life and Death are pretty far leading u to a world driven by HOPE. All u know is u want to get rid of water filling your lungs and pressurizing your eyes, u long for a terrain beneath your feet, a sky above your head and AIR.

Meanwhile on the other side, approximately 100 meters from the site, there was commotion and havoc all around. His Dad was out of station and Mom pretty far to access. On hearing from eye-witnesses, his foster mother(neighboring aunt ILA), the one who loved champak the most and spend most time with him fainted and fell unconscious. It was a working afternoon for any male fraternity to be at home. Just then, a veterinary doc Mr. Amichand, who regularly leaves well before, was still there busy searching for one of his files. His jeep chauffer(all champoo recalls is he was a Sardar with pink turban) on getting the overview of the situation ran and while Champoo survived till now made a final appearance with just the little finger above the water level and in a moment he was physically back to the world where he belonged. Still he wasn't out of danger since gallons of water filled his lungs, his body turned deep blue and eyes and mouth refuse to open. By sheer presence of mind and courage of his mother, he was taken to a doc, 15kms away from that place and with timely medication, he recovered. With utmost precautions, high pampering and lots of blessings, today, he is 22, fit and fine celebrating his b'de twice every year trying to understand and explore few thoughts and imaginations.

How can anyone remember the EXACT few moments of incidence that happened 19years back and especially when he was a child with partially developed brain. He wonders for the turbanated SARDAR, who never before and never after was seen by anybody (It was his maiden and only appearance...was he GOD HIMself?). All this time-taking incidences actually happened when Champoo struggled in Tank (Does it really indicate that one can survive without air for such a long time). Was it an indication from The Almighty to Champoo to stay back and live for a PURPOSE?
Naah, it was a whisper from HIM-"Die Another Day", I want you to LIVE.
May be HIS Monthly target was up. But for this one, I Always believe in God and Miracles...They do happen.

While Champoo overcame a deadly encouter with Death, it was the beginning of altogether a new LIFE.


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