Monday, May 5, 2008

Champoo goes onsite...

Champoo goes onsite!!!

...As we all know that Champoo is pretty normal software engineer (thats pretty abnormal) engaged with a small firm (And you thought $2b is big!), he hardly does or is allowed to do anything big over there. He has been pretty bulky this days although chewed nails doesn't contribute to fats nor the lame cafeteria food do wonders in providing him extra pounds. His mantra is "Work fascinates him, he can keep staring at it for hours." and one day his extra and consistent efforts paid him rich dividends.

That was the 4th day of the week and his PM had already finished his quota of 1smile per week and so when he called Champoo, he was a bit shaken but he limped his way through the big boss's cabin. He wondered what he did during this week that would have upsetted his PM. But neither he got noticed socializing on nor he spoke anything humorous that his PM overheard and above all he ddn't pick his nose in the weekly meetings. And it almost proved fatal for him when the PM handed him a letter (the gum he chewed almost stuck up between the jaws as he wondered how will he manage to get coffee 3-times a day). But later on reading he wished to jump with joy which might have prompted him to take back the letter but he managed a wicked smile and took off for celebrations.

It was his onsite project to U.K. approval letter and he'd to pack bags in a day. Promising lots of chocolates and wonderful pics he took off in British Airways. Although far from the office and amidst beautiful hostesses, and holding a glass of smooth whisky, the gentleman(who was wearing a blazer, tie and brown shoes 'without socks') besides him reminded him of having a cup of coffee with his PM in the office. After landing, little did he knew that the photographs he clicked of 'Hummer', was the one which was suppose to take him to his destination.

The Spa's and Jacuzzi in The Ritz hardly impressed him since he hardly takes bath but he was pretty awestruck by getting a glimpse of beauties by the pool gave him the feel of The Flintstones and Adam & Eve era (Few girls getting tanned seemed to be of the genre before that). Next morning the chauffered Lamborgini waited for him at the reception to take him to his office at Canary Wharf area which is full of towering skyscrapers and glassy landscapes. Cladded in his Versace suit and Tag accessories he entered his office premises carrying a Macbook and i-phone. Entire day, all he did was picking up the telephone receiver and checking out various secretaries, trying all sorts of chocs and beverages available in the refrigerator and farting freely in his 10" by 12" isolated cabin. Hmm pretty relaxing!!!

It was time to call it a day and have a glimpse of London. Mohd. Al Fayed's 'Harrods' mall (later seemed a journey from 'birth to death' of needs and luxuries to me) was on the priority list. He entered the gate which provided nappies, baby food and bath accessories, dissected the frozen food, snake skin purses, luxurious perfumes and apparel section and ended up towards a pets section and Diana-Dodi memorial. Mind suggested to grab a Guiness beer and try out on prawns and sushi. Then Champoo stood by 0 degree longitude-centre of the world, on top of london eye, a date with angelina at Madame Tussaud's and getting freezed at -8degrees at Absolute Ice Bar.

Finally after 3 months of such rigorous hardships, it was time to bid farewell to London. Champoo's boss was thoroughly impressed by his work and was willing to talk to his PM to let Champoo take up another project over there. There was champagne and pastries all around and while the 5000 some crowd gathered to celebrate Champoo's success, the higher authorities appalauded and gave him a 'PAT on Back'. He was feeling high, very high, above cloud 9. But with time, the momentum was picking up and he was feeling some vicious force thrusting him. The Pats were getting transformed into Punches.

Champoo's eyes opened as his hand slipped of the chair's support propelling his face downwards. And before he could realize anything, the P.M. standing by his back (giving POBs) handed him a letter and while he thought that day-dreams may be reality, it was a MEMO issued for recklessness and hampering productivity at work.

"The fastest way to make your dreams come true is to Wake-up and as soon as you wake up you need to dream a lot to succeed and so get back to sleep and dream."

In fact, Try to get what u like else u'll be forced to like what u get.

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