Monday, May 5, 2008

Champoo-Salary hike, dReAM partially shattered

Champoo-Salary hike, dReAM partially shattered

Unexpected for Champoo to be back so soon but definitely not unfair. One of his dreams got shattered and he wished to seek some clarifications and justifications on the revised salary structure on the basis of recent pay-hike his company offered.

Champoo had a childhood friend named Chintoo. They both grew up wearing same nappies, sharing same cereal bowl and shitting in the same pot. They went to same school, eating peanuts on the same desk, setting their eyes on the same girl and even their marksheets read same numbers. Now it was time to join the college. Though both of them got the same grades, Champoo preferred a distant upcoming college situated at an isolated place charging moderate fees while Chintoo who was born with a silver spoon took admission in rather established college with ample of funds and a name in market.

Not only they both opted for same kind of course but both of them excelled equally well in academics and extracurricular activities. Both played fairly active part in organizing as well as taking part in their college's annual festivals may it be cultural or technical. They did their final year's project at same place as well. Champoo got it on merits while Chintoo got it through Jack since Champoo stood out from rest by being a topper while Chintoo too was among the toppers but due to fierce competition with his college mates he missed out the meritorious place by a whisker.
Finally both completed their graduation with equally flying colors. Now it was time for campus placements. Since Chintoo's college was well established and had a reputed name, various companies flourished and queued up for the pickings. Though Chintoo couldn't make it in the initial big companies, he finally ended up making it to one of the big companies. On the other side, very few companies use to approach Champoo's college and while this company was the biggest of all the companies to visit his college and he made it pretty smoothly.

Both were very happy that they'll be together working for a pretty good organization, good market capital, boasting of pretty rich HR policies and equality of all working associates above caste, gender and background. Days passed by and while champoo was pretty much hitting bull's eye and delivering timely commitments and equally efficient efforts, Chintoo too made conscious efforts to take himself and his company to next level.

Finally the Annual appraisal was triggered and while Chintoo was happy to receive a 45% hike, Champoo who strived equally hard during the year was disappointed to receive simply 22% of raise. While he seeked some justification on the matter, he was told that this appraisal system was followed on the basis of the college background one had. Associates from the top 50 colleges deserved higher hike then their respective counterparts irrespective of the efforts they put in and the productivity they generated.

Champoo and many like him are highly disappointed and demotivated. Moreover he blames his luck not to be in a particular college and among the domain of his choice which provided better wages. What if someone’s college wasn’t in top 50 when he joined and is now featuring in the top50 list and what if someone’s college isn’t in top 50 now while it was few years back? And who’s to decide among the 5Rs. /Kg of surveys. Where’s transparency?

Chintoo is pretty much happy and satisfied with his scenario and so he's continuing with the same schedule he followed. But there are few of his college mates who used to be ideal and even they follow the same schedule as of now.

The casualties are in hope that the performance appraisal might bring back the equality uncarved among the associates.

There has been severe storm against the Company's HR policies which one 'dictated' Associates Delight and Equality. Fingers are being raised on high Attrition rate as well which once boasted of

Whom, Where and How to seek clarification for the innocent souls being made a scapegoat.

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