Monday, May 5, 2008

Champoo Weds Champi

The poem below was written on 5th May 2007 (way before I was married - 11th De 2008). Champoo - iDream series hold true in making the dreams come true as it offers some striking similarities with the reality.
Champoo weds Champi
----everyone's invited
I saw a lovely damsel on a bright Navratri night,
She was gorgeously clad in green and me in white;
Awestruck by her charm, I set her by my sight,
Dancing together, soon we hopped in the limelight.

Not much after, we were in for a ride together,
The relation grew stronger & bloomed in all weather;
Excelling the ambitions simply added one more feather,
And finally, I gave her an Onion ring & we decided upon being together.

The zeal to be united completely preoccupied my mind,
With little efforts, loving parents were unexpectedly kind;
That’s how Champoo and Champi got an affirmative nod to bind,
As many as 7 distinct functions were one after another, lined.

A Grandiloquent Wedding was pretty much on the card(s),
Picking up a feasible date was a task hardest of hard;
Everything was fixed but D-day was tough to guard,
Shhhhh…Our unison would only take a few more yard(s).

Invitations with cruise tickets were sent to the guest(s),
To be a part of and bestow their presence in our gala fest;
A 3-piece white suite & the accessories made me look the best,
And she adorned the whitest of gown which made my girl stood out of the rest.

A narrow aisle led to the central triangular podium of stone,
Fleet of ships and jovial dolphins around made me lose my tone;
So tempting was the towering fresh orange cake upon a cone,
Above all, symphonies of guitar and accordions mesmerized my melody bone.

There came the diamond studded platinum ring and a moment of bliss,
We birdies were finally set free as we immersed in a kiss;
We took off in a silver copter with red & white balloons, saying cheese,
I took her to our new home, a ranch, which she always wished.

...And that was just the initiation of loads of smile and laughter,
That continued forever as they lived happily ever after;
That’s the way Champoo and Champi wishes to marry,
And he wants each and all of you to be there & make merry.

Note: No cash or gifts! All we require is your augustine presence and generous blessings. Thank you.